About us

Established in 2015 and headed by entrepreneur Paresh Trivedi, EQUITYBIZ SOLUTIONS is a cluster of professionals across diverse interests and expertise. We have created multi-level synergies for the benefit of our clients and patrons through various industries. The group has interests and investments in GST Suvidha Kendra Distribution, IT Solutions, Financial services, Multimedia, Recruitment & Sales – Marketing.

With presence across key cities in Maharashtra, Gujarat, UP, besides South East Asia (Singapore/ Malaysia) and Middle East (Dubai/ Abu Dhabi), our experienced Client Engagement Team will proactively assist you in all your business transactions worldwide. Each member of Equitybiz TEAM is an effective communicator with excellent interpersonal skills required for long lasting business relationship.


Key group companies include:

ULTRARUPAY –     www.ultrarupay.com

GST Suvidha Kendra provider

GEETA INFOTECHwww.geetainfotechindia.com

ERP Solutions & SAP Training

FOLK FLUTES MULTIMEDIAwww.folkflutesmultimedia.com

Ads, Films, Events & Promotions

SMART TRADEXwww.smarttradex.com

Cashless e Barter platform (B2B)

ROTIRAJ FOODS –  www.rotiraajfoods.com

F&B supply & franchise distribution

This platform has been designed with state of the art technology back end and a user friendly interface on front end. Moreover, a transparent process and wide range of services makes this platform very credible & effective.